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Chloe and Isabel Vintage Jewelry


In my “About Me” page, I mentioned that I am a merchandiser for an online jewelry boutique named Chloe +Isabel.  This company is New York based and is owned by Chantel Waterbury, who is so nice and so down to earth, that created a way for other people to make money as well as wear beautiful jewelry.

(More about our story here).


 What makes this business cool and unique is that instead of having a tangible  brick and mortar store, Chantel recruits people who have a love of jewelry and style to build pop up shops, sell to boutiques, and consumers.  It basically allows one to build and have their own business. Some people have made a living from just that.

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Max Wanger

Max Wanger is a lifestyle photographer. I love how he captures the innocence and simplicity of life .


Magnolia Lane

If ever you find yourself in Las Vegas and you like kitchy, shabby chic decor, be sure to check out a little gem called Magnolia Lane.  Located in The District at Green Valley Ranch, Magnolia Lane sells an array of gifts, children’s decor as well as knick knacks and furniture for the home.  There is also jewelry, fragrance, books and more.

I love this place and it’s southern charm.  Check it out!




Trending: Knee socks


A few celebs have been spotted recently wearing this 90′s style, yet it seems to be making a comeback. What do you think, yay or nay?

Style Love <3


The bike, the dress…I love everything about this look.

Building the Perfect Wardrobe.


In my earlier  posts I talked about capsule wardrobes and what they were, how to build one and even how to create and build many outfits out of just a few pieces. Here I have a few principles to go by to creating the perfect wardrobe.

1. Make sure that the items in your wardrobe are items that you love 100% because these will always be the items that you put on most of the time, thus making you feel attractive with anything you put on.

2. Be selective in the quality of garments that you purchase. These will not only last longer, but some material, such as leather and quality denim , tend to get better over time.

3. Never go for trends because they don’t last and may not suit you. Instead go for tried and true style that you feel good and look great in. Be true to yourself. Style trumps fashion.

4. Be open to getting your clothes altered and tailored even if you tend to lose or gain weight. Your clothes will fit better and it is an inexpensive investment to updating your wardrobe.

5. Don’t just follow labels. Just because something is name brand does not mean it is high in quality. Instead, Mix and match some vintage or thrift store no name pieces with higher end quality items for a more lived in look.

6. Pay attention to fabric and what the garment is made of.  It takes at least 5% of man made material to be added to some natural material in order for it to last longer.

7. If the garment is comfortable and fits well, then it is a keeper.  If it bunches or rides up, is itchy or scratches, toss it out.

8. Creating a wardrobe that is harmonious is best. A capsule wardrobe where every piece mixes and matches will create endless possibilities and saves money.

9. When going shopping for new items, spend more on items that will blend well with most of the pieces that you already own. Spend less on items you only plan to wear once  or items that are fads.

10. Lastly, always stay inspired and use those inspirations as a way to define your personal style often.  


Things that make me happy

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